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Genetics Society Award for Professor Hodgkin

Prof Jonathan Hodgkin

Professor Jonathan Hodgkin

Professor Jonathan Hodgkin has been awarded the 2011 Genetics Society Medal which recognises outstanding research contributions to genetics.

One of the senior figures in research on the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans, Professor Hodgkin has used this model organism for studying genetics, immunity and development. He was responsible for classic work on sex determination and sexual differentiation in C.elegans, and has contributed to the study of many other areas such as meiosis, telomere biology, natural variation and behavioural genetics.

Since moving to Oxford in 2000, his research has focussed on nematode innate immunity and host-pathogen interactions. He also provides a sustaining role to the still-expanding world of C.elegans research, now encompassing over 800 laboratories worldwide, by overseeing the organism's nomenclature and genetic map.

Professor Hodgkin will deliver a lecture at a meeting of the Genetics Society in 2012 where the medal will be awarded.



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