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Biochemistry lecturers excel in teaching awards

Biochemistry lecturers have done exceptionally well in the recent Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) Teaching Awards.

Louis, Elspeth and Mark in the department, with Elspeth holding her award

Elspeth Garman, Louis Mahadevan and Mark Wormald picked up three of the five nominations for 'Most Acclaimed Lecturer' in the Medical Sciences Division. Elspeth went on to win the award in an announcement made at a ceremony in Rhodes House on May 27th.

This is the third year of the OUSU student led Teaching Awards, an initiative which allows students direct opportunities to recognize excellence in teaching. Over 390 nominations were received for staff across the University this year in the categories of 'Most Acclaimed Lecturer', 'Outstanding Tutor', and 'Best Support Staff.'

'Most Acclaimed Lecturer' nominations recognise lecturers who are engaging and informative, express visible enthusiasm for their subject, and are approachable and responsive. Professor Garman was also nominated for this award in 2013.

Professors Garman and Mahadevan and Dr Wormald teach on a variety of courses and received nominations in specific areas.

Professor Garman was nominated by all three of her constituencies which include graduates as well as undergraduates – students on the first year Maths course for Biochemists and Biomedical scientists, one of the maths class tutors for this course, and Maths and Biophysics graduates from her Doctoral Training Centre teaching.

Comments from students who voted for her said that Elspeth is one of the few people who can make maths fun on a Monday morning. They also praised her for being able to teach students with a range of abilities in an engaging and original way, with infectious enthusiasm, and commented that 'she really understands what it means to teach as opposed to lecture.'

Professor Mahadevan, a Fellow in Biochemistry at Trinity, gives lectures to first and second year students in Molecular and Cellular Biology with an emphasis on intracellular signalling and cancer. He was nominated for his first year lectures on Multicellularity and Cellular Signalling, and Experimental Models and Techniques used in Research.

Dr Wormald, Associate Director of Undergraduate Teaching in the department and Tutorial Fellow in Biochemistry and Chemistry at Corpus Christi College, was nominated for his first year Classical and Quantum Mechanics course given in the Michaelmas Term.

Hot on the heels of this award, Professor Garman also received a Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Individual Teaching Award for her teaching in the Doctoral Training Centre. This is one of four awards made for excellence in teaching.




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