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Bungo Akiyoshi follows one recent award with another

Bungo Akiyoshi

Dr Bungo Akiyoshi

Group leader Bungo Akiyoshi has been awarded the 2016 'Early Career Research Award: Cells' from the Biochemical Society.

The Early Career Research Awards are given to outstanding scientists in four different areas, with 'Cells' as one of the categories in 2016. They recognise scientists for the excellence of their work and the profound impact their research has had on the scientific community and wider society.

The award to Bungo recognises his work on mechanisms with relevance to cancer and organismal homeostasis, in which he uses trypanosomes as a model system. He identified a novel, trypanosome-specific apparatus of chromosome segregation that could allow the future development of drugs to combat parasitic diseases such as African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) in humans, or leishmaniasis and nagana in livestock animals.

Bungo is invited to give the award lecture at a Biochemical Society conference during 2016, when he will be presented with the Early Career Research Award medal.

The achievement follows Bungo's recent recognition by the American Association of Anatomists, which awarded him one of its Young Investigator Awards. 

Jane Itzhaki

31 March 2015



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