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Anaphase bridges in fission yeast cells
Whitby lab
Lactose permease represented using bending cylinders in Bendix software
Caroline Dahl, Sansom lab
Epithelial cells in C. elegans showing a seam cell that failed to undergo cytokinesis
Serena Ding, Woollard lab
Collage of Drosophila third instar larva optic lobe
Lu Yang, Davis lab
First year Biochemistry students at a practical class
Image showing the global movement of lipids in a model planar membrane
Matthieu Chavent, Sansom lab
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Dr Tim Nott awarded Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Dr Tim Nott

Dr Tim Nott has been awarded the prestigious Sir Henry Dale Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust, for his research into the emerging area of membraneless organelles. Tim is currently working in the Department of Chemistry with Prof Andrew Baldwin, and prior to his move to Oxford, he was a postdoctoral scientist with the late Tony Pawson at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute in Toronto, Canada. Tim will join the Department of Biochemistry in 2016.

Tim's long term vision is to establish how cells form membraneless organelles by liquid-liquid phase separation and understand the biochemical rationale for performing certain reactions inside them. A 5-year fellowship will afford Tim the independence and resources needed to pursue this fascinating area of cell biology, which will shed light on a conserved but poorly understood mode of compartmentalisation in cells. Tim's work will be strongly supported by the excellent facilities provided by the Department, including the Micron super-resolution imaging suite, which is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Further information on Tim’s recent work can be found at:




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