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Elena Seiradake awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship

Dr Elena Seiradake

Dr Elena Seiradake

Dr Elena Seiradake has been awarded the prestigious Senior Research Fellowship by the Wellcome Trust, for her research into the role of adhesion G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) in brain development. Elena joined Biochemistry in 2014 as an independent group leader to study the structure and function of cell surface receptors in neural and vascular development. A major breakthrough in her laboratory revealed that the adhesion GPCR 'Latrophilin' forms large structured assemblies in the presence of two other cell surface receptors 'FLRT' and 'Unc5'. Depending on the cellular context, distinct super-complexes with unique functional properties are formed. Elena’s long-term aim is to understand the functions of distinct receptor-ligand complexes through a detailed knowledge of their structures and signalling properties during neural and vascular development of the brain.

Elena’s work will benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities at Biochemistry, such as the automated crystallisation facility, the Micron imaging facility and the recently acquired cryo-EM microscopes.

Further details of Elena’s recent work can be found at:





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