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How to install Pymol on a Mac

If you fall into the category of a student/instructor, this educational version of pymol is for you:

Otherwise, the following steps detail how to get the open source version up and running

1  Install the XCode comand-line tools

If you haven’t already installed XCode, run this from the terminal by copying & pasting:
xcode-select --install
If you haven't got it installed already, you'll also need XQuartz from:

2  Install Fink

Please follow this guide to install the "Fink" package manager:
The fink install is very verbose, but you can go with the default settings on all of the questions. When it starts asking about mirror server locations, you may want to opt for the UK/Europe options
After the install has run, make sure you add the line ". /sw/bin/init.sh" to your file ~/.bash_profile and start a new terminal session - otherwise you will need to change directory to /sw/bin in order to run any fink commands

3  Use Fink to install pymol

From the command line, type (for example - version numbers may change in time):
fink install pymol-py36-
The correct current version number can be seen from this page:

4  Launch Pymol

Launch pymol by starting up XQuartz (located in /Applications/Utilities) and from the menu "Applications" choose "Terminal"

and press return

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