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Macintosh Public Apps Folder

For Departmentally-owned Computers:

Some useful Macintosh applications (including various versions of the Microsoft Office for Mac and Endnote) have been posted in an easily accessible network share to alleviate the need to (re)download them or acquire the CD from the IT Services shop.

You can jump straight to the network share by clicking:
smb://biochstore1.bioch.ox.ac.uk/Public Apps

Or read the full instructions below...

Mac OS X

  1. In the finder, select "Go > Connect to Server..." and enter the address biochstore1 as the server you want to connect to.
  2. Enter your biochemistry username and associated password.
  3. Look for the share called "Public Apps", highlight it and click OK
  4. A volume called Public Apps should now be visible on your desktop.

For Personally-owned Computers

For personal machines, please follow this guide to install Office 365:


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