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Committee Structure

Department of Biochemistry: management structure at May 2016

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External Scientific Advisory Board
Membership at May 2016:
Sir Paul Nurse
Professor Dame Carol Robinson
Professor Sheena Radford
Professor Peter Ratcliffe
Professor Matthew Freeman
To provide advice in helping to formulate the strategic aims and direction of the Department.
At the Biochemistry Recess (every other year). First meeting April 22-23, 2015.

Strategy Group


Head of Department, Associate Heads and representatives of Research Themes, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Director of Graduate Studies, Administrator

Membership at May 2016:
Professor Judy Armitage
Professor Francis Barr
Professor Neil Brockdorff
Professor Ilan Davis
Professor Jonathan Hodgkin
Professor Colin Kleanthous
Dr Deepa Nath
Professor Catherine Pears
Mrs Gerry Pocklington
Professor Mark Sansom
Professor Matthew Whitby
Professor Nicole Zitzmann
Professor Alison Woollard
Professor Anthony Watts

Review departmental activities with a long term, strategic impact, especially strategic appointments, QAA, REF, external teaching and research environments


Management Group


Associate Head of Department, representatives of undergraduate studies, graduate studies, research staff, research support, IT, building services, administrator

Membership at May 2016:
Professor Jonathan Hodgkin (Chairman)
Professor Phil Biggin
Dr Jo Gay
Dr Tony Knight
Mr Chih-Chao Liang (graduate rep)
Mrs Gerry Pocklington
Ms Charlotte Smith
Dr Mark Wormald
Dr Maria Gravato-Nobre



Operational issues with a short/medium term impact affecting the Department’s core activities of teaching and research


IT Management Committee


IT, Departmental Administrator

Membership at November 2016:
Professor Phil Biggin (Chairman)
Mrs Gerry Pocklington
Mr Martin Ackland
Dr Richard Bryan
Dr John Elder
Mr Julian Jordan
Dr Jeremy Rowntree



Operational issues with a short/medium term impact affecting the Department’s IT


Theme Heads / Associate Heads of Department (May 2016):
Associate Head of Department:
Chromosomal and RNA Biology
Professor Neil Brockdorff
Associate Head of Department:
Cell Biology, Development & Genetics
Professor Jonathan Hodgkin
Associate Head of Department:
Infection and Disease Processes
Professor Nicole Zitzmann
Associate Head of Department:
Structural Biology & Molecular Biophysics
Professor Mark Sansom
Associate Head of Department:
Microbiology and Systems Biology
Professor Judy Armitage
Associate Head of Department:
Research and Infrastructure
Professor Tony Watts

Safety Committee (November 2016):
Departmental Safety Officer/Chairman:
Prof. David Harris
Deputy DSO:
Mr. Steve Curnock
Area Safety Officer (Non-Clinical Medical Sciences Division):
Mr. Jonathan Barker
Biological Safety Officer:
Prof. Louis Mahadevan
Deputy BSO:
Senior Radiation Protection Supervisor:
Prof. Cathy Pears
Deputy SRPS:
Mr. Steve Curnock
Safety Office Representative:
Mrs. Julie Black
Fire Officer:
Mr. David Muller
Display Screen Assessment Co-ordinator:
Union Representative:
Dr. Anna Duncan
Committee Members:
Lidia Arciszewska, Tony Knight, Gerry Pocklington, Steve Woodhouse.
Tuesday of 7th Week of term

Biochemistry Staff (November 2016):
Please See:

Graduate Studies Committee (November 2016):
Matthew Whitby

Current members:
Judith Armitage,
Jason Schnell,
Alison Woollard,
Elena Seiradake,
Gerry Pocklington,
Mark Howarth,
Christina Redfield,
Alberto Merchante Gonzalez (student reps),
Ashley Gillum (student reps).
3 times a year, in 7th week of the term

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