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Research Laboratories

The Department consists of five Research Laboratories:
Laboratory of Cell and Chromosome Biology (head: Professor Jane Mellor)
Laboratory of Genes and Development (head: Professor Jonathan Hodgkin)
Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics (head: Professor Mark Sansom)
Laboratory of Molecular and Systems Biochemistry (head: Professor Judith Armitage)
Laboratory of Glycobiology (head: Professor Raymond Dwek)
Their purposes are:

  1. to promote interactions between people working on related research fields in the Department;
  2. to indicate to the outside world the broad academic areas in which the Department is particularly strong.

The Research Laboratories are intended to provide both academic leadership and research mentoring to early career academics, postdoctoral researchers and students, and exist to foster academic interactions through Laboratory seminars and other interactive events (which are individually advertised through posters, Biochemistry website, emails, etc.). The affiliation of a group to a Laboratory is determined not by the geographical location of the group in the Department, but by its academic interests.



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