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Professor Anthony Watts; D.Sc. (Oxf); FRSC, FlnstP; FRSB; Fellow, American Biophysical Society

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A battery of biophysical, structural and molecular biology methods and techniques are being applied to the study of biomembranes, accumulated through funding from a range of national and international sources. In particular, a new approach to membrane studies has been developed, namely the exploitation of solid state NMR to resolve both dynamics and structural details of membrane proteins (including drug targets) and lipids. More recently, single molecule methods have been used for potential bionanotechnological application, with a focus on the major class of neuoreceptors, G-protein coupled receptors, GPCRs.

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Current formal teaching in the M.Bioch. undergraduate Honours degree course includes courses on Photoreception in Mammals (3rd year), Membrane Protein Structure (2nd year), GPCR signalling (2nd year), thermodynamics (1st year) and a membrane biochemistry laboratory class (2nd year). Tutoring includes Biomembranes and Biophysical Chemistry to 2nd/3rd year Biochemists.
Each year up to four Part II project students and 1 - 2 summer interns are hosted in the laboratory.
Additionally, both the Oxford-Princeton and the ERASMUS exchange programmes are coordinated, with around 10 students being placed abroad each year for their 18-week Part II laboratory projects.


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