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Publications - 2018

  • P. Dijkman, O. Castell , A. Goddard , J. Munoz-Garcia , C. de Graaf , M. Wallace and A. Watts  (2018) Dynamic tuneable G protein-coupled receptor monomer-dimer populations, Nature Comms 
  • C. Sun, X. Ding, H. Cui, Y. Yang, S. Chen, A. Watts and X. Zhao (2018) “In situ study of the functions of bacterioruberin in the dual-chromophore photoreceptor, archaerhodopsin-4”,Angew. Chemie. (Intl). (in press)
  • J. C. Muñoz-García[, R. I. dos Reis , R. J. Taylor, A. J. Henry and A. Watts (2018)”Nanodisc-Targeted STD NMR Spectroscopy Reveals Atomic Details of Ligand Binding to Lipid Environments” ChemBioChem.
  • M-P. Pfeil, A. Pyne, V. Losasso, J. Ravi, B. Lamarre, N. Faruqui, H. Alkassem, K. Hammond, P. Judge, M. Winn, G. Martyna, J. Crain, A. Watts, B. Hoogenboom, and M. Ryadnov (2018) "Tuneable poration: host defense peptides as sequence probes for antimicrobial mechanisms” Sci. Reports (under revision)
  • X. Ding, C. Sun, H. Cui, S. Chen, Y. Gao, Y. Yang, J. Wang, X. He, D. Iuga, F. Tian, A. Watts and X. Zhao (2018)  Functional roles of tyrosine 185 during the bacteriorhodopsin photocycle revealed by in-situ spectroscopic studies. BBA Biomembranes, (in press)    

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  • Kamihira, M., Vosegaard, T., Mason, A.J., Straus, S.K., Nielsen, N.C. & Watts, A.(2005) Structural and orientational constraints of bacteriorhodopsin in purple membranes determined by oriented-sample solid-state NMR spectroscopy. J. Struct. Biol., 149, 7-16.
  • Lemaitre, V., Yeagle, P. & Watts, A.(2005) Molecular dynamic simulations of retinal in rhodopsin: from the dark-adapted state towards lumirhodopsin. Biochemistry, 44, 12667-12680. (Suppl. Info.).
  • Kim, C.G., Watts, J.A. & Watts, A.(2005) Ligand docking in the gastric H+/K+-ATPase - homology modelling of reversible inhibitor binding sites. J. Med Chem. 48, 7145-7152.
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  • Candler, A., Featherstone, M. Ali, R., Maloney, L., Watts A. & Fischer, W.B.(2005) Computational analysis of mutations in the transmembrane region of Vpu from HIV-1. Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 1716, 1-10.
  • Williamson, P.T.F., Zandomeneghi, G., Barrantes, F.J., Watts, A. & Meier, B.H. (2005) Structural and dynamic studies of the g-M4 trans-membrane domain of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. Mol. Membrane Biol., 22, 485-496.
  • Watts, A.(2005) Solid state NMR in drug design and discovery for membrane embedded targets. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 4, 555-568.
  • Lemaître, V., Kim, C.G., Lam, Y.-H., Fischer, D., Watts, A. & Fischer, W.B. (2005) Defining drug-protein interactions of Vpu MD simulations and drug-protein interactions. In: Protein Reviews: Viral membrane proteins: Structure, function and drug design, (Ed. W. B. Fischer, Series Editor Z. Atassi), Kluwer Academikc/Plenum Publishers, New York, Ch. 14, 187-200.


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Total peer-reviewed publications: 248 research + 54 reviews + 5 books + 4 edited journals + 5 book reviews. [1]. Hirsh, J. E. (2005), An index to quantify an individual s scientific research output, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 102 : 16569-16572. [2]. Anderson et al., (2008) Beyond the Durfee square: Enhancing the h-index to score total publication output, Scientometrics, 76; p577-588. 

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