A-Z Index of IT Support

A complete listing of our how-to guides is as follows:

1) Entry to Oxford to read Biochemistry - A Guide for Applicants 
2) How to respond to virus warnings 
3) How to order from the IT Services Shop 
4) Help for IT problems 
5) Online Library Resources 
6) How to obtain a Biochemistry network account 
7) How to secure Outlook Express against email viruses 
8) E-mail and data security 
9) File types and creators on the Macintosh 
10) SSH secure shell software 
11) Accessing FTP links via a web browser 
12) Biochemistry network account closure procedure 
13) Nexus365 email service 
14) Connecting to home directory and lab share network drives 
15) Biochemistry Website Shortcuts 
16) How do I erase a CD-RW in Mac OS X? 
17) How to get a broadband connection at home 
18) Help! My H Drive letter has been usurped by another device 
19) Using RSS Feeds 
20) Connecting to your Macintosh Home Directory 
21) Wireless services in Biochemistry 
22) VPN Security 
23) Macintosh Public Apps Folder 
24) How to fix MS Access data display 
25) Can the Department supply large amounts of network storage space? 
26) How to enter Seminars or What's On items via OXITEMS 
27) Connecting to networked printers 
28) Wake on LAN (WOL) 
29) Macintosh access to lab shares 
30) Network access for personal laptops 
31) How do I find the correct temporary replica share location 
32) Printing to the Kyocera TASKalfa copiers 
33) Macintosh Security 
34) Printing to HP1022 series printers from a Mac VPN connection 
35) Macintosh back-compatibility 
36) Editing your own web pages 
37) How to turn on Certificate Revocation Checking 
38) Getting Connected to the Network 
39) How to order Apple Hardware 
40) Biochemistry OpenVPN service: remote access to departmental computing facilities 
41) Using Microsoft Remote Desktop on a Macintosh 
42) How to order Microsoft Office 365 
43) Screen Sharing on Mac OS X and how to hide the screen of the target computer 
44) How to whitelist local emails 
45) Printing to the Xerox WorkCentre copiers 
46) How to install Relion on a Mac 
47) How to install Pymol on a Mac 
48) How to install CTFFIND on a Mac 
49) The Macintosh How-to Hub 
50) Calendar Delegation 
51) How to Install Eman2 on a Mac 
52) GraphPad Prism 
53) Mojave Advice 
54) Python-based Mac App Broken by upgrade to High Sierra 

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