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Due to recent (February 2017) changes to the way that the University mail servers have been reconfigured to handle spam email, it may be necessary to adjust your email settings to ensure that no emails with a 'bioch.ox.ac.uk' From address, regardless of their assigned spam rating, go to the junk folder. The following procedure should achieve this.

1. Go to


and select 'Spam email filter settings' and choose the setting 'Off: no spam filtering'.

2. Login to


and click 'Options' (top right) then 'Create an Inbox rule' in the drop-down menu, then select 'New...'.

In the 'New Inbox Rule' popup window, click on 'More Options...'.

  1. For the 'When the message arrives, and:' field, select 'It includes these words in the message header...' then click on 'Enter words...' and in the new popup window specify
    X-Oxmail-Spam-Level: *****

    then click the plus sign, then click 'OK'.   The five asterisks represent a reasonable default spam threshold for emails from non-bioch.ox.ac.uk addresses.

  2. For the 'Do the following:' field, select 'Move, copy or delete' then 'Move the message to folder' then click on 'Select one...' and in the new popup window select the 'Junk E-Mail' folder and click 'OK'.

  3. For the 'Except if' field, select 'Add Exception' then 'It includes these words in the sender's address...' and in the new popup window specify


    then click the plus sign, then click 'OK'.

Then click Save in the New Inbox Rule window.

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