A-Z Index of IT Support

Contact ithelp@bioch.ox.ac.uk for more details

1  Contact IT Support

If you require any help with computer related issues please feel free to contact one of us for an initial evaluation of your problem.

IT Support Staff contact details
2  First Contact

If the job is deemed urgent or simple we will come and see you immediately. If not, you may be asked to fill in a job request form (go to step 4) or you may be asked to ring advisory at OUCS (step 3). If you are part of the OUCS personal computer maintenance service scheme (recommended) then we will be able to tell you if you should call them (step 5).

3  OUCS Advisory and Micro Consultancy

The department uses OUCS Advisory and Micro Consultancy as a complementary service to our own IT support.

Getting Help at OUCS
4  Filling in the IT Job Request Form

The Job Request form can be found on our site.

Job requests get entered into a database and are dealt with in order of receipt and priority rating (assigned by us). A more detailed explanation is available.

Job Request Form
5  OUCS - Personal Computer Maintenance Service

IT support recommends this scheme to all computer buyers. For a minimal charge your PC (when in fully working order) can be registered with OUCS service. This registration need not be completed until the manufacturer's warranty expires.

Personal Computer Maintenance Service

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