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Printing to HP1022 series printers from a VPN connected Mac requires a slightly tricky workaround as follows:

1  Download the driver package

This driver package needs to be downloaded & installed from http://support.apple.com/kb/dl907. It's unfortunately a very large download so a wired connection is good if available. A reboot is recommended for good measure.


2  Set up the printer

Open System Preferences > Print & (Scan / Fax depending on OS version)

Click the little [+] towards the bottom left of the window to get an "Add Printer" dialog box

Click the IP icon in the top-centre of the wndow and enter the printer's network name, followed by a .bioch.ox.ac.uk e.g. for printer lakp1 you should enter lakp1.bioch.ox.ac.uk

For Protocol, choose HP Jetdirect - Socket. Please note that this is not the usual way of doing things and should only be used for this particular series of printers

Pull down the "Print Using:" selection and choose "Select Printer Software..."

A long list of printers should be visible, enter a search string "1022" to narrow it down. Select "HP LasetJet 1022," and click OK

Click Add to finish installing your printer 

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