Flow Cytometry Facility Section

There is a Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur with a single 488nm blue laser and the following optical filters:

FSC: 488/10nm band pass

SSC: 488/10nm band pass

FL1: 530/30nm band pass

FL2: 585/42nm band pass

FL3: 670 long pass

CellQuest Pro software (version 5.2.1) is available on the attached computer for acquisition and analysis.

As the machine is housed in a tissue culture facility any yeast or bacteria must be killed before being brought into the room.

Please use, shut down and leave the machine using the protocols displayed on the front of the machine, to help maintain this equipment in good working order. You need to take copies of your data from the machine as it is not backed up.

Equipment location: Rodney Porter Building, 20.25 Containment Level 2 

Equipment coordinator: Dr Joanna Miller
Flow Cytometry Tutor: Dr Joanna Miller

Also available:

Flow cytometer/cell sorter for microbial cells

It is a Bio-Rad S3e, which is fairly easy to operate.


It is suitable for bacteria and yeast cell sorting, isolating living cells according to specific fluorescent staining. 

It is not for mammalian cells, pathogens or clinical samples.

Please contact mark.howarth@bioch.ox.ac.uk to organise training and use.

An Alternative Flow Cytometry Facility (In the Dunn School)


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