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OUBSU NMR Facility

Our research entered a new phase with the sucessful installation of a Magnex 800MHz wide bore (89mm) magnet at the beginning of January 2004. This machine is the largest worldwide for solid state biological work and complements the existing machines in the Facility.

Currently the Facility has 2- and 3-channel NMR spectrometers with wide bore (89mm) magnets operating at 1H frequencies at 200, 400, 500 and 800MHz (Varian, Inc., Bruker, Magnex, Oxford Instruments).

There are also computational facilities (SGIs, O2, and Octanes) and a biochemical preparation laboratory (Beckman, Tektronix, BoroLabs). Research projects are supported by BBSRC, MRC, EPSRC, EU and HEFCE.



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