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Illuminating Atoms - Elspeth Presents at the Royal Albert Hall

To celebrate the International Year of Crystallography the Illuminating Atoms exhibition was held at the Royal Albert Hall on the 9th November. The exhibition showcases photographs by Max Alexander portraying people and the work within the field of crystallography. The event featured Elspeth who gave a talk about how crystallography has changed the world. The BBC has posted an article about the event which include quotes from Elspeth about the event.

The Life Scientific - Elspeth is intereviewed on BBC radio 4

Each week on the BBC Radio 4 programme, The Life Scientific, theoretical physicist, author and broadcaste Jim Al-Khalili invites a leading scientist to talk about their life and work, including Nobel laureates and now Elspeth Garman. It is a great honour to be invited on to the show. You can listen to the full programme here.

Elspeth does Lab Talk - Interview with Oxford Medical Sciences

Oxford Medical Sciences division has published an interview with Elspeth for the September 2014 issue of OxfordMedSci News. In the interview Elspeth describes the research that is conducted within the lab, what a typical day is like here as well as a brief discussion on how she got to where she is today. For the full interview click here.

Crystals meet Royalty - Elspeth presents crystallography for the Royal Institution Channel

Elspeth continues to promote crystallography, this time explaining crystallography in detail in a video made for the Ri Channel. In the video Elspeth covers how we produce and purify proteins in the lab and how and why we crystallise these proteins. This is the first of a two part series celebrating the International year of crystallography. 

Animation at it's finest - Introduction to crystallography

Elspeth and Jonny were fortunate enough to work with Annabel Cook from Oxford Sparks to help put together the fantastic animation on X-ray crystallography to celebrate 2014 as the International year of crystallography. The animation is designed for a non-specialist audience and gives an overview of crystallography and what it can do. The animation can be found on the Oxford Sparks webpage along with more information about crystallography.

Elspeth on the Radio  

Elspeth Garman was on the radio on Sunday 28 July contributing to the BBC World Service's 'The Forum', an ideas discussions show. The episode was called 'Shining a Light on Crystals', and Elspeth spoke about her work trying to find the perfect protein crystal. Listen to it here.


Elspeth on the Radio...again 

Professor Elspeth Garman commemorates a century since the publication of an idea that made discovering protein structures possible: The Bragg Equation. She takes us from the Braggs' father-and-son discovery of x-ray crystallography and publication of the structure of table salt in 1913, to the cutting-edge work happening in her lab at Oxford University. Listen to it here.


Elspeth delivers the 2010 Dorothy Hodgkin Memorial Lecture

Somerville College and the Association for Women in Science and Engineering hold the annual Dorothy Hodgkin Memorial Lecture. On the centenary of Dorothy Hodgkin's birth, the lecture was given by Professor Elspeth Garman (former president, British Crystallographic Association, Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Director of the Life Sciences Interface, Doctoral Training Centre, University of Oxford, and Senior Kurti Fellow, Brasenose College) on the topic of 'Crystallography One Century AD (after Dorothy)'. Click here to see the lecture


Jonny and others create an X-ray Crystallography Mini Movie  

During a structural biology module at the Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre (Sysbio DTC) Jonny and colleagues (Pedro Aparicio and Isabel Frost) created a mini movie titled "Is X-ray Crystallography the answer to everything?" This is the finished product.












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