Garman Group Awards

Charlie awarded Etter Student Award 

Charlie has won the Etter Student Award from the Light Source Special Interest Group of the ACA. He received the award at the 66th Annual ACA meeting in Denver on 26th July 2016, where he delivered a lecture entitled ‘RIDL: A tool to track MX specific radiation damage’ to the session on radiation damage in macromolecular crystallography The award consisted of a plaque, a cheque, and a free registration for next year’s ACA meeting in New Orleans. Picture on left shows Charlie receiving award from Dr Gerd Rosenbaum from the University of Georgia and the Advanced Light Source in Chicago.

Elspeth wins Fankuchen Award

Elspeth has been awarded the 2016 .American Crystallographic Association Fankuchen Award, an award created "to recognize contributions to crystallographic research by one who is known to be an effective teacher of crystallography". Elspeth received the award at the 66th Annual ACA meeting, in Denver, Colorado in July 2016, in which she will give a prize lecture.

The prestigious Fankuchen Award is given every 3 years, in memory of Dr. I. Fankuchen, Professor of Physics at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn from 1942 to 1964 (shown in photo on left).


Elspeth wins Mildred Dresselhaus Prize

Elspeth has been awarded the 2015 Mildred Dresselhaus Award by the University of Hamburg. The award recognizes Elspeth’s outstanding contributions to structural biology as well as mentoring and training a generation of crystallographers. The award was presented this year by the Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging (CUI) and includes a personal prize combined with a guest professorship. The picture on the left shows Elspeth receiving her award from Prof. Arwen Pearson from the CUI. Well done Elspeth!


Jonny wins I'm A Scientist Get Me Out Of Here

From the 15th - 26th June Jonny took part in a science communication competition called I'm A Scientist Get Me Out Of Here. It's a free online event where school students meet and interact with scientists and the students are the judges. They challenge a group of scientists over fast-paced online text-based live chats, ask them anything they want, and then vote for their favourite scientist to win a prize of £500 to communicate their work with the public. Jonny won this competition although has not yet come up with a plan for the money.


Elspeth wins WIFTS Foundation Humanitarian award

For her contributions to the field of X-ray crystallogrpahy and her ongoing commitment to the public understanding of the field, Elspeth has recieved the 2014 WIFTS Foundation Humanitarian Award. The WIFTS (Women's International Film and Television Showcase) "strives to create a new strand of recognition, finding outstanding gems of individuality’ within all arenas and bring them together through the art form of Film & Television". In particular Elspeth's award comes from work Elspeth did with the Royal Institution, presenting the first of a 2 part documentary on Understanding Crystallography


Jonny wins poster prize at the Gordon Research Seminar

At the Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology that took place on the 26th and 27th July 2014 Jonny was one of the five winners of the poster prize for best poster. His poster titled "Crystal Math: Dose Decay of Diffraction" detailed his work on investigating the ability of different mathematical models of diffracted intensity decay to describe data that were collected at the PETRA III synchrotron in Hamburg in January 2014.







Life is all roses  - Elspeth Presented with Rose Award Lecture

Elspeth delivered the 2014 Rose Award Lecture which recognises the contribution of distinguished female scientists and Engineers. Elspeth gave her talk about how the legacy of the Braggs (William and Henry) lives on with the techniques of crystallography that are still in use to study biological structure and function on a molecular level. 

Elspeth is pictured holding her award with professor Julius Weinberg, Kingston University Vice-Chancellor.



Doing the Double - Elspeth wins second teaching award in 8 days

Elspeth wins another teaching award at the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences (MPLS) division Summer Party. Elspeth won the award for her committment and quality of teaching at the Doctoral Training Centre (DTC). However, Elspeth could not make the award ceremony so Jonny attended instead to collect the certificate on Elspeth's behalf. Elspeth runs the introductory maths course for postgraduate students in their first year at the DTC.


Teaching Excellence - Elspeth wins award at the OUSU Teaching Awards 2014

Elspeth has been awarded 'Most Acclaimed Lecturer' 2014 in the Medical Sciences at the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) Teaching Awards - an award she was also shortlisted for in 2013.

Between teaching at the Doctoral Training Centre and first year biochemistry undergraduates, Elspeth has a wealth of experience in teaching at the University and the award is the result of the hard work, time and effort put in to create a high quality teaching experience for the students.

For the full list of winners in the 2014 OUSU Teaching Awards click here.




Jonny get runner-up prize at the FameLab UK final

On April 23rd 2014 Jonny Brooks competed in the UK national FameLab final and was awarded the runner-up prize. Jonny gave his 3 minute presentation explaining the infectious disease model of Facebook membership used by Princeton researchers used to show that Facebook would lose 80% of it's users by 2017. Click here to watch the video. 




Markus is Invited to present talk and Radiation Damage 8 Workshop

Markus Gerstel was invited to give a talk at the RD8 meeting at EMBL Hamburg in April 2014. His talk titled "Quantifying radiation damage in real space" covered some of the work that he's been working on in his DPhil project. In particular he presented work on a new atomic metric for real space radiation damage, BDamage.







Markus is Invited to present at Red Kite 5 meeting

At the recent Red Kite meeting in January held at the University of Oxford, Markus Gerstel was invited to give a talk titled "Quantifying radiation damage in MX."


Jonny Wins Regional Famelab Final

On December 12th 2013 Jonny Brooks competed and won the regional finals of Famelab. Famelab is a science communication competition where each competitor has 3 minutes to explain a science, technology, engineering or mathematical topic of their choice to a non-specialist audience without the use of digital aids such as power point. Jonny decided to present a talk on "The magic of Fourier Transforms" describing how to interpret the Fourier transform of a wave with a couple of real world applications.

Click here to watch the Oxford Regional Final



Jonny Wins Poster Prize at ECM28

Jonathan Brooks-Bartlett won the RCSB Protein Data Bank poster prize for the best student poster related to macromolecular crystallography at the European Crystallography Meeting earlier in the year.

The poster was based on work that he did in the group in summer 2013 during his 10 week project before starting his DPhil here. His poster presented the work he had done using an existing model of damage decay applied to data that was collected by a previous student within the Garman group. It described the application of a room temperature model for the dose decay of the spot intensity on a diffraction pattern to cryotemperatures (at 100 Kelvin) during macromolecular x-ray crystallography experiments.

For more information click here.


Oliver Zeldin

  • Notable Prize WinnerBiochemistry DPhil Symposium, University of Oxford 2012
  • Talk selected for presentation at Biochemistry DPhil symposium, Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics Seminar Series, University of Oxford 2012
  • Selected Poster for Oral Presentation (RADDOSE-3D)Gordon Research Conference on Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology, ME, USA, 2012
  • Best Talk by a Young Crystallographer, (microPIXE) British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting, Keele 2011


Eugenio de la Mora Lugo

  • David Phillips Blue John BCA Biological Poster PrizeBritish Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting, Warwick 2009



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