Graduate Poster Symposium 2014

The Department celebrated the research achievements of its final year graduate students at a poster symposium on May 14.

Twenty-one students displayed their posters in the atrium, generating interest from other graduate students and members of the Department.

The event, organized by Graduate Advisors Fekret Osman, Kathryn Scott, Julie Stevens and Lidia Vasilieva, was opened by Dr Vasilieva. She said that the posters were a good opportunity for students to present their work, engage in discussion about it, and receive helpful feedback.

Professor Mark Sansom, Head of Department, added that the posters reflected the diverse range of work going on across the Department. He encouraged people to use the event to find out who was doing what research and why, and to look at posters in completely different areas from their own.

A number of corporate sponsors generously contributed to the event. Prizes, as judged by students or faculty members, were awarded for most innovative research and best posters. These went to Firdaus Samsudin (Samson lab), Michael Nguyen (Whitby lab) and Beth Watts (Vasilieva lab).


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