London art exhibition features cell cycle research from the Nasmyth lab

A new exhibition at Central Saint Martins will illuminate the hidden world of mitosis being revealed by the cross-European MitoSys project.

Mouse myoblast cell in late stage of cell division. Credit: Lothar Schermelleh

Mouse myoblast cell in late stage of cell division. Credit: Lothar Schermelleh (Click to enlarge)

Lens on Life explores concepts and processes behind one of the most fundamental of cellular behaviours - mitosis. It features Professor Kim Nasmyth as one of the project's participating scientists.

The exhibition brings together scientists from MitoSys with artists from across the visual and performing arts to generate new, creative perspectives on the topic. Curated by Professor Marina Wallace, it incorporates a related documentary, Meetings of Minds, directed by Natasha Serlin.

Through the film and exhibition, audiences will gain an insight into the recent history of cell division, current research, and the creative journey that every scientist makes who works on this life process.

The documentary captures four scientists in conversation with different artists. Professor Nasmyth's conversation, in Ways of Saying, is with choreographer Shobana Jeyasingh and includes filming in and around the Nasmyth lab in New Biochemistry.

Professor Nasmyth is one of more than 15 scientists involved in the MitoSys (systems biology of mitosis) project in which world-class biologists, mathematicians, biochemists and biophysicists at thirteen research organisations and companies around Europe work together. The project aims to shed light on how hundreds of genes and proteins orchestrate mitosis in human cells.

'Lens on Life' will be at the Lethaby Gallery at Central Saint Martins College from 20 January to 27 February. It was previously at the Federica Schiavo Gallery in Rome and will make its final stop at the University Museum of Heidelberg from 16 March to 28 April.


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