Garman lab's contribution to special journal issue

Front cover of the special issue of J.Synchrotron Radiation. Lower panel features an image from Charlie Bury (Garman lab) showing specific radiation damage to the protein moiety of a protein-DNA complex caused by synchrotron radiation

Elspeth Garman has helped to edit a special issue of the Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, which also features research from her lab.

Elspeth worked with fellow guest editor Martin Weik from the IBS in Grenoble to put together the issue devoted to the topic of radiation damage (1).

Entitled 'Radiation damage to macromolecules', the issue appears as front-page news on the website of the International Union of Crystallography ( Accompanying this is a short piece taken from the introductory paper (2) by Garman and Weik.

The issue highlights that there remains considerable scope for further studies to inform both experimental practice and the interpretation of the resulting structures, so that radiation damage can become a widely recognised and understood facet of structural biology.

One of Elspeth's graduate students, Charlie Bury, whose paper appears in this issue (2), has his structure on the front cover.


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