Lynne Cox at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Associate Professor Lynne Cox

Associate Professor Lynne Cox

Lynne Cox was one of the experts at a panel discussion at the Edinburgh International Science Festival on April 7th.

The debate entitled 'Forever Young: Can we cure ageing?' explored current research and pharmaceutical therapies that aim to keep the diseases of age at bay. With ever-increasing news stories about anti-ageing wonder pills and the recent announcement of trials in dogs of rapamycin's life-extending properties, the subject is as topical as ever.

Lynne was joined by Richard Barrett-Jolley from the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Diseases at the University of Liverpool and Tom Kirkwood Associate Dean of Ageing at the NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre in Ageing. Age Scotland Trustee Glenda Watt chaired the panel.



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