iGem Gold Medal Award

The Oxford iGem team achieved a GOLD MEDAL again this year for the third time, and now in every year a team from this Department has entered. The competition, which this year attracted over 300 teams and over 3000 students from all over the world, has been taking place in Boston since 2004. iGEM stands for "international genetically engineered machine”, and multidisciplinary teams of students are encouraged to spend their summer seeking to exploit synthetic biology to address real world problems, from medical to environmental applications.

This year the Oxford team addressed Wilson’s disease, toxic copper accumulation in the body, with a potential probiotic method for copper level detection and control. For their work, they were awarded a GOLD MEDAL, as well as being nominated as one of the top 5 teams for the following specific awards in the undergraduate team category:

  1. Best Wiki page (http://2016.igem.org/Team:Oxford)
  2. Best therapeutics project
  3. Best presentation
  4. Best education and public engagement

Many congratulations to the 11 team members, 6 of whom are 2nd year biochemistry undergraduates, as well as George Wadhams and Chris Jones for their support and expert input over the summer.

Team effort: The Oxford iGem team

Team effort: The Oxford iGem team

It is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain funding for this significant undergraduate interdisciplinary event. In addition to the funders thanked on the Wiki page, we would like to thank the generosity of the Vice-Chancellor, our Alumni, the relevant Colleges for helping with accommodation over the summer, and for the Departments (Biochemistry, Engineering, Physics, Zoology) for helping towards funding the travel and accommodation in Boston.


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