After the Degree

Destinations of Biochemistry Graduates

A degree in biochemistry, as with any degree, can lead to a very wide variety of jobs. Typically 50% of graduates go straight into a job, 40% continue studying and 10% combine work and study. Six months after finishing the degree there is, on average, one graduate per year still seeking employment.

Of those who continue studying, 60% carry on to do a doctorate in biochemistry or a related area, such as pharmacology, immunology or physiology. The remaining 40% are spread evenly between taught advanced courses (such as a MSc), teacher training, medicine, law and accountancy.

Of those who go into employment, about 25% take a job in scientific research, development or on the technical side. About 20% go into finance, 20% into management or administration, and the remaining into a wide variety of jobs ranging through the media, sales and marketing, local and national government, the voluntary sector, the police and the clergy. Just a few of the jobs that our graduates have taken over the past couple of years are:

Graduate Business Analyst
Associate Insurance/Advisory
Deloitte Touche
Graduate Trainee in Fundraising & Marketing
Cancer Research UK
Trainee Clinical Analyst
Cardiff Hospital
TVF Medical Communications
Patent Agent
Page White and Farrer
Medical Sales Representative
Merck, Sharp and Dohme
Research Biochemist
Crime Scene Investigator
Managing Director of a jewellery
making company

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