Admissions Criteria

Items assessed pre-interview

  • GCSE grades (or equivalent)
  • AS grades/marks if available
  • Predicted A level grades/ International Bacc. Scores (or equivalent)
  • Contextual data (where available) on factors that might affect academic performance
  • Referees’ reports
  • Evidence from personal statement of interest in and academic potential for Biochemistry

    All candidates are assessed by a central panel and ranked on these items prior to shortlisting.

Items assessed at interview

  • Interest in/enthusiasm for biochemistry
  • Ability to describe/discuss a topic of mutual interest
  • Ability to describe/analyse novel information
  • Ability to extrapolate from novel information
  • Reasoning and problem solving ability

    All candidates can expect to be interviewed by representatives of two different Colleges.

Criteria for not inviting candidates for interview

The Department aims to shortlist for interview at least three applicants per place. In the past few years, this has meant that a majority (but not a large majority) of candidates have been shortlisted.

An applicant may not be shortlisted if either their application is judged to meet one of the following criteria:

  • Their application gives good cause to doubt that they will meet the typical offer (A*AA at A2 level or the equivalent);
  • Their personal statement indicates that biochemistry is not their preferred course of study;

or their application is judged to meet more than one of the following criteria:

  • Uncompetitive results in official examinations, especially GCSE or its equivalent;
  • Uncompetitive results predicted, or already obtained, in A2 level or equivalent examinations;
  • An uncompetitive UCAS referee’s statement.




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