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Two BBSRC Research Experience Placements 2011

in the area of Systems Biology

The Oxford Centre for Integrative Systems Biology (OCISB) has been selected to participate in the BBSRC Vacation Bursaries scheme as one of BBSRC's top training environments.

The scheme is designed to provide promising undergraduate students in their 2nd and 3rd years with "hands-on" experience of research to encourage them to consider a career in research. We are looking for students to start in first week of July or shortly after, as arranged with the Supervisor. Overseas students are eligible to apply in this competition, the only requirement being studying in a UK institution.

Details: The project should fit within the broad remit of the OCISB and can range from Molecular Dynamic modelling, through bacterial behaviour to bioinformatics. For more details go to or contact Professor Armitage at

Placements are for 6-8 weeks. Research costs are provided by host laboratories to the level required by the BBSRC. Students will receive pay of £200 per week, and will be required to submit a report to the BBSRC, via the OCISB on their research and their experience, in October 2011.

To Apply:

  1. Ask your tutor to send a reference about your academic work, including your aptitude for practical laboratory work, to
  2. Contact OCISB Laboratory Heads to discuss a possible project and list the objectives of the project.
  3. Apply by letter, stating the reasons for doing the research experience placement, the name of your chosen supervisor, the project title and research objectives.
  4. Send your application letter together with your CV to to be received no later than 5 May 2011

It is hoped that successful applicants will be informed by mid-May.

BBSRC Guidelines.

MORE BBSRC awards: Please note that if you are not in Oxford this summer, you can apply for a vacation studentship to another institution.

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