About the Department

Established in 1920, the Biochemistry Department is part of the University of Oxford's Medical Sciences Division, the largest of the University's four academic divisions and ranked third in the world for Biomedicine. For research, the Department is sub-divided into five areas:

  • Cell Biology, Development and Genetics
  • Chromosomal and RNA Biology
  • Infection and Disease Processes
  • Microbiology and Systems Biology
  • Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

There are currently about 50 research groups, varying in size from a few people to forty or more, with a total of about 400 research staff (group leaders, post-docs and graduate students) publishing over 250 papers a year.

The Department moved into a brand new purpose-built building during the Autumn of 2008. Situated in an attractive area close to the University Parks and River Cherwell, the building is part of the University Science Area, which also includes the Radcliffe Science Library and the University Museum of Natural History, and is conveniently located for easy access to the town centre and colleges.

Members of other departments also contribute to teaching, including lecturers in physiology, pathology, pharmacology, clinical biochemistry, plant sciences and zoology.



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