Reallocation Scheme

A College may request that some of their first preference candidates be reallocated (changing their first preference College) if their total number of first preference interviews is significantly greater than the number of first + second preference interviews conducted by the other Colleges.

Reallocation of candidates will take place after decisions on shortlisting for interviews. Reallocated candidates will be called for interview.

The reallocation process will be as follows: 
  1. Any Colleges wishing to reallocate some of its applicants should contact the Admissions Coordinator (AC) informing them of how many applicants they wish to reallocate.
  2. Any Colleges wishing to receive reallocated applicants should contact the AC informing them of how many applicants they wish to receive.
  3. By informing the AC that they wish to take part in the reallocation scheme, each College is agreeing to abide by all the rules of the scheme, detailed as follows.
  4. If the number of places available at Colleges wishing to receive applicants is larger than the number of applicants to be reallocated, then preference will be given to those Colleges with the weakest applicant list (determined by the Departmental grading of the UCAS applications).
  5. Each reallocating College may “reserve” (prevent from being reallocated) up to two applicants per place available at that College for the next academic year (excluding open offer places).
  6. The applicants to be reallocated will be selected at random from all the remaining applicants to each reallocating College by the AC.
  7. The applicants to be reallocated will be allocated at random to the receiving Colleges by the AC.
  8. The reallocating Colleges will contact the applicants to inform them that they are being transferred to a different College.


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