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Almost 6 months into her new role as President of the British Crystallographic Association (BCA), Professor Elspeth Garman is enjoying the opportunity of improving the services the association offers to its members and to the wider public.

Professor Garman

Most recently, she fronted and won the bid on behalf of the BCA to hold the 28th European Crystallography meeting in Warwick in 2013. As Professor Garman points out, this is a very appropriate year for the UK to host the meeting - it is the 100th anniversary of the determination of the crystal structure of sodium chloride by Bragg father and son at Leeds University.

The BCA is the UK's national association for research into the structure and properties of materials using crystallography. Its aim is to promote crystallography in research and inform young people and others about crystallographic science. A broad range of scientific fields use crystallography including chemistry, biology, physics, materials science and engineering.

Over 900 members represent the huge academic and industrial effort in crystallography in the UK. Their work has contributed to medical and technical advances in many areas such as cancer research, virology, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and battery and fuel cell materials.

During her three year stint as President, Professor Garman would like to develop several aspects of the BCA's activities including the website and its educational outreach. One particular interest is the idea of linking BCA members in different fields of crystallography who are at the same institutions to see if they can offer each other advice or access to facilities.

Professor Garman, whose research aims to improve the basic experimental techniques used in protein crystallography, has recently been elected to a Nicholas Kurti Senior Science Fellowship at Brasenose College, Oxford.

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