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Since the introduction of the Biochemistry firewall, it is now necessary to set up web browsers to use "passive FTP" mode to be able to browse/download from FTP sites on the internet. The following instructions should cover all major browsers.

Contact webmaster@bioch.ox.ac.uk for more details

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x & 6.x for Windows

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Select "Tools" from the Menu Bar
  3. Select the "Internet Options" item
  4. Select the "Advanced" tab
  5. Find the "Browsing" category (2nd category in the list)
  6. Find and check the option "Use Passive FTP for compatibility with some..."
  7. Click the "OK" button
  8. Close and re-open your browser to make the Configuration Active

Older versions of Internet Explorer will need to have proxy settings specified: Please contact IT Support

Macintosh Internet Explorer (Mac OS 8.x & 9.x)

1. From the Apple menu, select Control Panels, then Internet.
2. On the Internet Control Panel, click the Advanced tab.
3. Note: If you can't see the Advanced tab, click the small triangle next to "Edit Sets". If you can see some tabs but not an "Advanced" tab, select "User Mode" from your "Edit" pull-down menu and click the advanced button in the dialog displayed.
4. Click on the icon that says "File Transfer" in the list on the left.
5. This will display a screen with a checkbox labeled "Use FTP Passive Mode." Make sure this box is checked, then close the Control Panel.

Macintosh OS X (All Browsers)

The following system-wide setting will enable passive FTP for all Mac OS X web browsers:

  1. Open the System Preferences program
  2. Select "Network"
  3. Select "Proxies"
  4. Check "Use Passive FTP Mode (PASV)"
  5. Click the "Apply Now" button

Netscape 4.7 or Higher

Netscape runs natively in passive mode, no configuration change necessary.

Older versions of Netscape (pre 4.7) will need to have proxy settings specified: Please contact IT Support

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