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In the past this has caused a flurry of messages. Unfortunately, messages encouraging you to "mail everyone you know", however worthy the cause, are classed as chain letters. Therefore forwarding them is deemed to be "unacceptable behaviour" under the University  ICTC Regulations. Please read the following steps to deal with such information.

Contact ithelp@bioch.ox.ac.uk for more details

1  What to do if you receive a message warning about an email virus

First check the IT Services Virus Hoax page and the Virus Warning page to see if the message is already listed as a hoax or a live virus. If not, then you can forward the message to OUCS Help Centre only, as they have the resources to check whether the message is genuine. If it is, OUCS will take appropriate steps to distribute the information. Even under these circumstances do not pass the message around widely, though you are welcome to mail ithelp@bioch.ox.ac.uk so we can act more rapidly on the information.

IT Services Help Centre FAQ
2  If you get a virus report from some Anti-virus software

Should the computer at which you are working alert you that it has encountered a virus, please treat the message seriously. Your initial action should be to phone IT Support (13308). If the problem is with a macro virus (i.e. the alert relates to an attempt to open a Word or Excel document), you may use the installed Anti-virus software to disinfect the document. You should find Sophos installed on all domain PCs. In the case of file or boot sector viruses, please don't attempt to disinfect the system yourself (you may cause further damage), but instead leave a warning note on the computer and contact IT Support in Room 10-026, New Biochemistry.

IT Services Anti-Virus Information

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