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Biochemistry network accounts are valid for the period during which a user is affiliated (either locally or remotely) to the Department. A user's status in the Administration database (usually their recorded leaving date) is used to determine the start of the closure procedure described below.

At the start of the month following the user's leaving date, an email is sent to the user's registered email address (that recorded in the Administration database and shown on the Biochemistry web site) advising them that the account is due to close at the end of that month.

The account is locked at the end of the month, but it and the user's files remain intact, so that the account can easily be re-activated if necessary. One or more months later, the account's files are archived and the account is closed.

Users are responsible for ensuring that they transfer files they wish to keep before the account is closed.

In most cases, accounts of users who have left the Department can be extended for up to two months on request to IT Support (John Elder). If a longer extension is needed, users should ask their group leader to arrange this with Administration (if building access is required) or directly with IT Support (if only remote access is required).

Nexus email accounts are administered by IT Services, whose closure procedure is given at


Author: John Elder

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