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Ordering software and supplies from the IT Services Shop involves a procedure not necessary for conventional orders. All orders must be place via the Online Shop, use of which requires you to register first. Please read and follow the detailed instructions provided by the shop.

For Departmental orders, you need to provide the number on the Department's IT Services Software Card. This number is available to members of the Department here.

Please note: If all the licences you are purchasing have a cost of £0.00, you do not need to go through the online ordering steps for these licences. Simply send an email to shop@it.ox.ac.uk listing the licences you will be using together with the software card number.

Hints and tips for Departmental orders

  • Your Purchase Order only needs to list the total sum for each expense category.
  • The Online Shop gives prices including VAT, but your PO pricing should be ex-VAT.
  • The documented procedure involving entering a temporary (xyz230908) PO number has led to problems. It is safer, though more time consuming, to use the Shop website to determine the required payment, obtain a PO number, then recreate the basket and complete the order on the Shop website.


The following instructions describe how to place an order using a departmental Purchase Order. For personal purchases, see the relevant IT Services documentation.

Contact Jeremy Rowntree for more details

1  First time only - Register for an online shop account

2  Fill your basket, then confirm total cost

Go to the Software for Colleges and Departments section of the Online Shop

Select the required licenses and the corresponding media (CD, DVD).

For Departmental orders, you need to provide the number on the Department's IT Services Software Card. This number is available to members of the Department here.

When done, calculate the ex-VAT total for software and for media. One way of doing this is select Checkout. Select Purchase Order as the method of payment, and give a temporary PO number. The next screen shows the ex-VAT prices. Do not press "Pay now" at this stage.

IT Services Instructions
3  Obtain a Purchase Order number

Next you need to raise a requisition in iProcurement. Contact Accounts if you don't know how to do this.

You don't need to itemise your order, just create one entry for the total cost (category 401.4018 = IT - Software; category 401.4014 = IT - Computer Accessories & Peripherals).

The Supplier is "IT Services", Site "Central Admin".

Once you have your PO number, return to the IT Services Shop website, recreate your basket and Checkout, selecting "Purchase Order" as the payment method, giving your newly obtain PO.

4  Go to IT Services (Banbury Road) or await delivery

If you have opted to have your order delivered you should receive an email when it is dispatched.

If you have opted to collect, take your order form to IT Services at 13 Banbury Road (opposite Nuclear Physics). The staff in the Help Centre will process the order for you.

5  File your licence

Put your licence(s) in a safe place, you may be asked to show it at some point in the future. It is your formal record of your right to use the software that you have purchased. It is recommended that you write on the licence the name of the computer on which the software is installed. Remember that you need one licence for each separate computer on which the software is used.

6  Install the software

Either install the software yourself, or ask IT Support to do it for you by filling in a Job Request Form.

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