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To access lab shares on the biochemistry servers, switch to the Finder (Desktop) and from the menu "Go" choose "Connect to server..."

Contact julian.jordan@bioch.ox.ac.uk for more details

Server addresses

Lab shares are located on the server biochstore4.  To make a connection, type the following into the box marked "Server Address":


You will now see a long list of share names. Pick out your lab's share and authenticate with your biochemistry username and password (the one you use to log on to a Windows PC). This can in some cases be different from your Oxford (webmail/nexus) username/password. If in doubt please contact IT Support.

Some shares are located on the server "biochstore1", notably the Macintosh "Public Apps" share which contains disk images of MS-Office, Endnote and other software. To make a connection to this server, simply swap the number for a 1 in the address above.

If you want your computer to remember your password, make sure the "Save in Keychain" tickbox is selected when you make your initial connection to the server. If you have your computer set to log in automatically when you start up (i.e. go straight to the desktop without prompting for a password) then this option is not recommended.

Tips and tricks

If your computer has a permanent (wired) connection to the departmental network and is fully registered (i.e. you don't need to make a VPN connection to use departmental facilities) then you may want to make an automatic connection to your share every time you log in.

Make a connection with the "keychain" option selected (previous step) and then open "System Preferences..." from the Apple Menu.

Click "Accounts" and the button "Login Items" (on the right).

Then drag the server icon from your desktop into the part of the System Preferences window marked "These items will be opened automatically when you log in"

You will now be automatically connected to your share when you log in.

If you use wireless/vpn and the above isn't applicable, you can make another type of convenient shortcut by clicking the server icon as it appears on the desktop and choosing "Make Alias" from the Finder's File menu. Double-click this alias at any time to re-establish your server connection.

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