Elspeth Garman inspires school girls at Cornell University


A conference at Cornell University which is part of a national programme aimed at inspiring girls to recognise their potential and pursue opportunities in science, selected Elspeth Garman as its keynote speaker this year.

Elspeth spoke to over 300 girls about her experiences and interests in science. Amongst the props she used in her talk were a furry mechanical pig and model duck to illustrate how the influenza virus is spread, much to the amusement of the audience.


The Cornell conference, which took place in April, provided girls with an opportunity to participate in hands-on science learning activities, meet female scientist role models, and learn about science-related careers. It was part of the ‘Expanding Your Horizons’ programme, a network of hundreds of conferences taking place across the USA.

Alongside this programme a special session was organised for accompanying adults to provide them with information on educational and career opportunities involving science, maths, and engineering.

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