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The Department is establishing an Alumni Network and we are keen to add your name to this if you were in any way associated with the department in the past.

Oxford University Alumni Weekend 2015 - Saturday 19th September

Please email us your details to be included in this Network, and if you would specifically like to be put in touch with people, or have other contacts for us to add, please get in touch.

We welcome you to any of our events, seminars or other activities, but please do let us know ahead of time and we can be ready to meet you in person.

Follow us on Facebook, look us up on Wikipedia or join our LinkedIn group.

Use to contact us.


Well known alumni and past members of the department include:

Sir Paul Nurse, FRS (Nobel Laureate)

Sir Hans Krebs, FRS (Nobel Laureate)

Rodney Porter, FRS (Nobel Laureate)

Sir Edwin Southern, FRS

Sir George Radda, FRS

Sir Alec Jeffreys, FRS

Dame Louise N Johnson, FRS

Sir David C Phillips, FRS

Sir Tom Blundell, FRS

Sir Rex Richards, FRS

Sir Rudolph Peters, FRS

Keith Dalziel, FRS

Robert Irvine, FRS

Robert Thompson, FRS

Sir Walter Bodmer, FRS


Contact us:;
telephone: +44 (0)1865 613212;
Ms Sarah-Jane Scard, Executive Assistant to the Head of Department.




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