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Worm points researchers in the right direction
Dr Andreas Russ, University Lecturer in the Biochemistry Department, is on a quest - to pin down the function of genes in the human genome which are potential targets for drug development Published: 22 December 2009
Glycobiologist secures funding for collaborative flu research
Departmental Reader Dr Terry Butters has just received funding to explore whether a potentially new class of anti-viral drugs might help in the fight against flu Published: 21 December 2009
Study reveals how the immune response is alerted in fruitflies
Lecturer Dr Petros Ligoxygakis and colleagues have found that fruitfly larvae rely on an immune defence mechanism that is used in mammals Published: 18 December 2009
Christmas lectures feature former Biochemistry graduate
A training in Biochemistry opens the doors to many areas, as Professor Sue Hartley demonstrates. The former graduate in Biochemistry but now eminent ecologist is giving the 2009 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures Published: 14 December 2009
Professor Mellor awarded European honour
Professor Jane Mellor in the Biochemistry Department has been elected as a member of the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) Published: 17 November 2009
Engaging the public with science
Departmental researcher Dr Penelope Mason was selected as a finalist at a recent science communication competition run by the British Science Association Published: 12 November 2009
Nobel Prizes put Biochemistry in the spotlight
The Nobel Prizes recently announced in Physiology/Medicine and Chemistry both highlight the key contribution Biochemistry is making to advances in medicine and our understanding of the inner workings of the cell Published: 30 October 2009
News from Professor Garman
Almost 6 months into her new role as President of the BCA, Professor Elspeth Garman is enjoying the opportunity of improving the services the association offers to its members and to the wider public Published: 20 October 2009
Grant Success for Oxford Crystallographers
A group of crystallography researchers has recently won funds to purchase a piece of equipment which significantly enhances the X-ray crystallography facility in the Biochemistry Department. Published: 20 October 2009
New Book from Dr Lynne Cox
Dr Lynne Cox, a University Lecturer in the department, has her first book published at the end of September Published: 5 October 2009
Congratulations to sailor Hilary Lister
An Oxford Biochemistry graduate has become the first disabled woman to sail solo around Britain Published: 2 October 2009
Illuminating the hidden world of membrane proteins
Dr Jason Schnell joined the Department at the beginning of May as a group leader. Here Jason talks to Jane Itzhaki about the move to Oxford and his research Published: 21 September 2009
Putting the brakes on - biomechanics at the nanoscale
Researchers at the Department of Biochemistry and Department of Physics investigated the mechanics of a 45 nm rotary biological motor. Research was carried out to discover how a bacterium, Rhodobacter sphaeroides, can stop and start its motor at the flick of a switch Published: 21 August 2009
Sixth formers get a taste of University life
Thirty sixth form students had an opportunity to see what studying Biochemistry at Oxford University is like when they recently spent a week in the department at a Sutton Trust Summer School. Published: 5 August 2009
College boat named after Biochemistry Professor
Professor Elspeth Garman in the Department has had a boat at Linacre College named after her Published: 27 July 2009
First Alumni Event Proves a Great Success
The new Biochemistry building provided the perfect setting for the Department's first alumni event on June 25th Published: 23 July 2009
Fibrillin puzzle a step closer to completion
Professor Penny Handford and colleagues in the Biochemistry Department have revealed for the first time the structure of part of the fibrillin protein, helping to build up a more complete picture of how this protein is packed in the extracellular cushioning around our cells Published: 21 July 2009
Hepatitis C drug target comes within sight
A multidisciplinary team of researchers in the Department has solved the low resolution structure of a promising drug target in the hepatitis C virus Published: 21 July 2009
One-way ticket through cell division
A recent paper in Nature from Professor Novak and colleagues challenges a long-held view about the mechanisms that ensure that cells move only one way through cell division. Published: 12 June 2009
New Biochemistry wins RIBA Award
On Wednesday 20th May 2009 the Royal Institute of British Architects held its regional awards (Southern Regional) ceremony in New Biochemistry. The building will now be considered for this year's RIBA Stirling Prize. Published: 26 May 2009
Professor Kim Nasmyth has been elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences
Professor Kim Nasmyth, Head of the Department of Biochemistry, has been elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. He is one of forty distinguished medical scientists to be awarded a Fellowship this year. Fellows are drawn from all professions allied to medical science and are selected primarily for their exceptional contributions to the advancement of medical sciences. Published: 20 May 2009
Interview with Professor Kim Nasmyth, Head of Department
Watch Professor Nasmyth talk about Biochemistry and what it is like to be a research scientist Published: 11 May 2009
2009 Departmental Annual Recess
Members of the Department demonstrated that they can work hard and play hard at their annual recess at St. Catherine's College at the end of April Published: 11 May 2009
The Prime Minister visits the Department
Scientists in the Department of Biochemistry were given the rare opportunity to show off their new building to the Prime Minister Published: 10 May 2009
New Biochemistry Scientific Celebration
A one-day symposium of international speakers celebrates the new Biochemistry building Published: 9 May 2009
Getting the most out of Maths
Professor Elspeth Garman wins a prize in recognition of her Maths teaching Published: 9 May 2009
Leon Harrington wins Prize
Leon Harrington (BBSRC Programme Molecular Biochemistry and Chemical Biology) won a poster competition at the Annual CCPB Conference BIOMOLECULAR SIMULATION 2008 - frontiers of biomolecular simulation Published: 7 May 2009
Andrea Pauli won the Womens Boat Race 2008
Times Online article Published: 7 May 2009
Christoph Loenarz, Molecular Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Programme
Research from Christoph Loenarz highlighted in Nature Chemical Biology Published: 7 May 2009
Derrick Ong, Scripps-Oxford Programme
Derrick Ong has had a paper published in Cell Published: 7 May 2009
Human ageing breakthrough
Scientists from the Department and the Open University have found a fast and effective way to investigate important aspects of human ageing Published: 5 April 2009
A solution to lab solutions
Camilla Oxley and Jochen Klingelhoefer celebrate winning 'Idea Idol' 2009 Published: 5 April 2009
I'm a Scientist...
Dr Mark Roberts is runner-up in the latest 'I'm a Scientist, Get me out of Here!' Published: 5 April 2009

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