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New insights into orderly cell-cycle transitions
Research described in a recent paper from Professor Bela Novak and colleagues in the department together with researchers in France, is helping to broaden our understanding of how cells ensure that they follow through the different phases of the cell cycle in the correct order Published: 6 December 2011
Professor Francis Barr joins the department
The department has welcomed Professor Francis Barr as the new E. P. Abraham Chair of Mechanistic Cell Biology. Attracted by the outstanding research environment within the department, he is looking forward to continuing to pursue his studies on protein trafficking and cell division in new surroundings Published: 24 November 2011
Biochemistry staff receive Teaching Excellence Awards
The University has recognised the high quality of teaching in the department through its Teaching Excellence Awards. This year, 5 departmental members have received awards for a range of activities including lecturing, organising Summer Schools, the development of graduate courses, and running practical classes Published: 17 November 2011
Nobel Laureate Baruch Blumberg remembered
The remarkable life of Nobel Laureate Baruch Blumberg, a former member of the Glycobiology Institute in the department and former Master of Balliol College, was remembered at a memorial service held at Balliol on Saturday 5 November Published: 16 November 2011
Royal Society University Research Fellowship for Dr Martin Cohn
Dr Martin Cohn in the department has been awarded a prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowship. He is one of 40 new University Research Fellows announced by the Royal Society on November 8, who have taken up their posts at the beginning of October Published: 8 November 2011
Graduate Highlights of the Year
The past year has been a very successful one for graduate students in the Department of Biochemistry, with them contributing to the department's numerous achievements and outputs Published: 27 October 2011
Recognition of Distinction for Biochemistry group leaders
Three members of the department have been awarded titles in the University's recent Recognition of Distinction exercise. Dr Ben Berks, Dr Christina Redfield and Dr Nicole Zitzmann were made Professors of Biochemistry, Molecular Biophysics and Virology respectively Published: 27 September 2011
Micron plays key role in revealing cancer-killing cells' action
A state-of-the-art, super-resolution microscope system based in the department in the Micron Advanced Imaging Unit has captured how white blood cells known as natural killer cells kill diseased tissue, in greater detail than ever before Published: 22 September 2011
Undergraduate Information Day
A day of talks and tours for prospective undergraduates. Starts at 10am on Friday 16th September in the Main Meeting Room. Published: 14 September 2011
Dynamic microtubules captured in new study
A group of researchers led by Professor Ilan Davis in the department has identified how certain types of cells move molecular cargoes to specific regions of the cell Published: 25 August 2011
Lister Institute Research Prize awarded to Dr Rob Klose
One of only 3 prestigious Lister Institute Research Prizes, which recognise outstanding young investigators in the UK, has been awarded to Dr Rob Klose, a researcher in the Biochemistry Department. Published: 17 August 2011
Student Profiles
Find out what the Biochemistry course and life in Oxford is like from some of our undergraduate students Published: 19 July 2011
Recent news from the Garman Group
Oliver Zeldin, an EPSRC-funded graduate student in Professor Elspeth Garman's group, has won a prize for the best Young Crystallographer's talk at the recent British Crystallographic Association (BCA) Spring Meeting in Keele Published: 20 June 2011
Fruit-fly offers new roads into studying fungal infections
Recent work from Dr Petros Ligoxygakis, a lecturer in the department, and colleagues in Aberdeen and Brighton has shown that the fruit-fly Drosophila melanogaster can provide insight into what happens when people become infected with opportunistic fungal pathogens like Candida albicans Published: 17 June 2011
Honours and heirloom for Dame Louise Johnson
Professor Dame Louise Johnson's contribution to science has been honoured by two recent awards. The first is an award of a hand-crafted brooch designed by Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the second is her election as Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences Published: 31 May 2011
Equipment upgrade success for the departmental NMR facility
NMR capability on the science area site has been boosted by a recent substantial award from the Wellcome Trust to upgrade one of the machines based in the Biochemistry Department Published: 31 May 2011
Portrait of Nobel Laureate Sydney Brenner unveiled
Professor Sydney Brenner, Nobel Laureate and Honorary Fellow of Exeter College has had his portrait unveiled at Exeter College. Professor Brenner is currently attached to the Glycobiology Institute in the Biochemistry department where he has a postdoctoral researcher working for him Published: 20 May 2011
Antiviral compounds to be focus of new Centre at the Glycobiology Institute
The generous funding by US-based biotechnology company Romark of a substantial collaborative programme at the Oxford Glycobiology Institute has been marked by the opening of the Romark Centre for Virology and Cell Biology Research Published: 11 May 2011
Professor Mark Sansom becomes new Head of Department
The Department has welcomed Professor Mark Sansom as its new Head. Professor Sansom takes the reins from Professor Kim Nasmyth and will head the department for the next 5 years. His appointment comes shortly after taking up the David Phillips Chair of Molecular Biophysics at the University. Published: 11 May 2011
New funding support into novel antimicrobial agent design and signalling processes
Two recently awarded grants to Professor Anthony Watts will help support work to gain deeper insights into membrane function using solid-state NMR Published: 7 April 2011
New partnership to develop therapeutic antibodies against cancer
Researchers from the Oxford Glycobiology Institute at the Department of Biochemistry and the Scripps-Korea Antibody Institute (SKAI) have announced funding for a new partnership to develop therapeutic antibodies against cancer-associated cell surface carbohydrates Published: 5 April 2011
Fellowships announced for departmental researchers
The Society of Biology and the American Academy of Microbiology have recognised departmental researchers Anthony Watts, Judith Armitage, Mark Sansom and Nicole Zitzmann in their recent honours lists. Published: 29 March 2011
Funding boosts membrane protein studies in department
Two recent successes in the Biochemistry department to secure grant funding will help researchers there pursue their studies on exploring how membrane proteins carry out their pivotal roles in the cell Published: 22 March 2011
Novel nanotechnology approach to help visualise proteins
A team of Oxford researchers has developed a patent-pending platform technology to aid single-molecule visualisation techniques that are used to determine protein structure Published: 7 March 2011
Genetics Society Award for Professor Hodgkin
Professor Jonathan Hodgkin has been awarded the 2011 Genetics Society Medal which recognises outstanding research contributions to genetics. Published: 11 February 2011
Single protein holds key to building up cell structures
Researchers from the department and from institutes in Switzerland have described for the first time how a cellular component crucial for many aspects of cell function is constructed Published: 1 February 2011
Funding success for new collaborative imaging initiative
A group of researchers from the Department of Biochemistry and the Dunn School of Pathology have won a major award from the Wellcome Trust to establish a new facility for state-of-the-art, super-resolution microscopy and related technologies Published: 18 January 2011
Fellowship awards for Professor Anthony Watts
Following his election as a Fellow of the Biophysical Society last year, Professor Anthony Watts is celebrating further two successes. In November he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and very recently, as a Fellow of the Institute of Physics Published: 17 January 2011

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