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The Department of Biochemistry is a vibrant research and teaching centre located in the South Parks Road Science Area in the centre of Oxford. It provides an outstanding enviroment for undertaking a DPhil (the University of Oxford's equivalent of a PhD) or MSc. We admit about 20 graduate students each year but also accommodate students admitted to one of the Doctoral Training Centres. Altogether we have around 120 DPhil/MSc students at any one time, with many coming from outside the UK.

As a graduate student at the Department of Biochemistry you will be guided by a team that includes your supervisor, the Graduate Advisors and the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Matthew Whitby aided by the Graduate Studies Administrator, Mr Erol Canpunar. The Graduate Advisors are a group of ten experienced Research Fellows in the Department. You will also be assigned your own Thesis Committee, consisting of two Group Leaders that are independent of your main supervisor, who you will meet with biannually to discuss your progress. Your main supervisor may also appoint a senior member of their laboratory to provide day-to-day support and advice.


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