Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team Section

The Self-Assessment Team (SAT) for the Athena SWAN application has representatives from each area in the Department.

The SAT Terms of Reference were agreed in July 2015 and can be found here.


The current SAT members are:

Professor Judy Armitage (Head of Laboratory of Molecular and Systems Biochemistry)

Mrs Rita Emberton (Personnel)

Professor Andre Furger (Associate Professor)

Professor David Harris (Associate Professor)

Dr Burcu Anil Kirmizitas (Postdoc)

Professor Rob Klose (Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow)

Professor Nick Lakin (Associate Professor)

Mr Chih-Chao Liang (DPhil Student)

Professor Jane Mellor (Professor of Biochemistry)

Dr Delia O'Rourke (Postdoc)

Professor Catherine Pears (Associate Professor and Athena SWAN Academic Lead)

Mrs Gerry Pocklington (Departmental Administrator)

Professor Christina Redfield (Senior Research Associate)

Professor Mark Sansom (Head of Department, Head of Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics)


Previous SAT Members include:

Ms Charlotte Smith (Athena SWAN Facilitator)

Dr Lidia Vasilieva (Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow)

Dr Samantha Hughes (Postdoc)

Dr Peter Appleford (Postdoc)

Mrs Leah Miller (Graduate Studies Administration)

Dr Ulrike Gruneberg (Cancer Research UK Senior Research Fellow)

Dr Shilpa Bali (Postdoc)










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