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Postdoctoral Research Associate in Membrane Protein Crystallisation
We are seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the laboratories of Prof John Vakonakis and Prof Maike Bublitz. The successful candidate will develop an exciting, novel methodology for the crystallisation of membrane proteins utilising ultra-high strength magnetic fields.
Postdoctoral Research Associate in DNA Repair (Cell Biology)
We are seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Associate with experience in Cell Biology to join the newly established CRUK-funded group of Dr Ian Gibbs-Seymour in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford. The group investigates how post-translational signalling regulates DNA repair and genome stability, with a focus on how ubiquitylation functions within these processes.
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Genome Instability and Chromothripsis in Human Cancers
Professor Francis Barr is seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Associate to join an interdisciplinary team researching the molecular basis of genome instability and chromothripsis in human cancers. The Barr group combines state of the art biochemical and cell biological methods with mathematical modelling and simulation to explain complex regulatory networks underpinning cell function.
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Chromosome Segregation
We are seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Associate to characterize unconventional kinetoplastid kinetochore proteins in the laboratory of Dr Bungo Akiyoshi. Research in the Akiyoshi lab is aimed at understanding the mechanism of chromosome segregation in eukaryotes. Our focus is on the kinetochore, a multi-protein complex that assembles onto centromeric DNA and interacts with spindle microtubules.
BTP Research Fellowship in Biochemistry
Pembroke College wishes to appoint a BTP Research Fellow in Biochemistry for the academic years 2018-2021. The BTP fellowship is intended to be held alongside another academic post and provides opportunities for an early career researcher to gain teaching experience, while also offering a significant financial contribution to their research.

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