Third Year

Lecture List for Trinity Term

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 Subject  Lecturer  Time  Place
 » Struc and func of macromolecules
Revision - Crystallography Prof. E. F. Garman Mon. 1.00 (wk 2) Anatomy LT
Revision - Enzymes Prof. Mark Howarth Tue. 9.00 (wk 1) Anatomy LT
Revision - Metal ions in biology Prof. S. J. Ferguson Thu. 12.00 (wk 2) Anatomy LT
Revision - NMR Dr M. Wormald Wed. 9.00 (wk 1) Anatomy LT
Revision - Protein characterisation Prof. M. Higgins Fri. 10.00 (wk 2) Anatomy LT
 » Energetics and Metabolic Process
Revision - Bioenergetics Prof. S. J. Ferguson Tue. 11.00 (wk 2) Anatomy LT
Revision - Human Metabolism Assoc. Prof. Rhys Evans Wed. 11.00 (wk 2) Anatomy LT
 » Molecular biology and Genetics
Revision - Mechanism of translation Prof. E. J. C. Mellor Tue. 12.00 (wk 2) Anatomy LT
Revision - Molecular tool box Prof. L. S. Cox Thu. 11.00 (wk 2) Anatomy LT
Revision - RNA biology and translation Prof. A. Furger Thu. 9.00 (wk 1) Anatomy LT
 » Cell biol and int of function
Revision - Cell growth and division Prof. F. Barr Tue. 10.00 (wk 1) Anatomy LT
Revision - Developmental Biology Prof. P. Ligoxygakis Fri. 9.00 (wk 2) Anatomy LT
Systems biology of the cell cycle Prof. B. Novak Thu. 10.00 Fri. 9.00 (wk 1) Anatomy LT