Glyco-cycling 2001
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Action  Research  Cycle  Ride

Members and friends of the Glycobiology Institute participated in a cycle ride from Birmingham to Oxford on Sunday, 10th June to raise money on behalf of Action Research and the British Heart Foundation.  This year's 'team jerseys', suitably monographed and designed by Howard and John, were provided by Raymond, and it was encouraging to see one of our blue jerseys in the leading pack.  Ed would have stayed with the leaders, but he had to send a couple of urgent emails from his laptop.  This was a long day, starting at 6 a.m. to meet the coach to Birmingham, and finishing at about 5.30 p.m. for the casual cyclists, 67 miles later.  A few hardy souls, encouraged by Mark, enjoyed a much needed beer stop and lunch in Hook Norton, and after waking Ulrika, we continued, suitably refreshed, to Wootton and home.

Well done to all concerned: Dave S., David P., Dave N., Terry, Lynda, Ulrika, Brett, Sarah, James, Mark, Richard, Steven, Dan, Cathy, Iain, Ernie, Tanya, Ed, John, Jey and Dawn.

We raised a total of nearly £2,300 - so well done also to our sponsors.

Our previous ride was from London to Oxford, and next year we intend to don the yellow jerseys (RAD please note) for the London to Paris bike ride to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Action Research. Voulez-vous venir avec nous?