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All windows-based computers in the department should have a drive letter 'H' set up which is a network-based home directory for your personal files. Sometimes, when you plug in a USB pen drive or card reader, the new device can take over the letter 'H' for itself which is undesirable.

1  Open computer management console

Right-click your "my computer" icon, and select "manage". Open up the tree called "Storage" and click "Disk Management".

2  Change the new device's drive letter

The disk management console has three panes- scroll through the bottom right pane until you see the device that has taken over the drive letter H. Right-click the square button containing the disk's icon etc. and choose the option "Change drive letter and paths...". A small window will come up, click the button "Change" and use the drop-down selector to choose a new letter other than H for the drive.

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