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Mark Howarth, Principal Investigator

Associate Professor in Protein Nanotechnology



Christopher Schoene, DPhil student

    BSc Biochemistry, Imperial College London    


Sandra Adele from Masters in Pharmacology programme




Robert Wieduwild, PhD from TU Dresden Marlene Pröschel, visiting PhD student Can Buldun, DPhil student   BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Jacobs University

Michael Jacobsen, PhD from University of Utah

Karl Brune, DPhil student

MRes in Systems and Synthetic Biology, Imperial College London

Mike Brenner, PhD from UIUC

Max Jamilly, DPhil rotation student from Synthetic Biology DTC

Anthony Keeble, PhD from UEA

Antonio Serrano, visiting nanotechnologist from Centre of Biotechnology, 

 Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile

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Apurba Koner, now Assistant Professor at

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research


 Jayati Jain, now co-founder with Trutech Webs and the Fluid Motion



Kanlaya Prapainop, now Lecturer at Mahidol University, Thailand



 Bijan Zakeri, now at Merck EMD Serono

 Jacob Fierer now at Weizmann Institute 

Gianluca Veggiani now at University of Toronto

Claire Chivers


 Michael Fairhead, now at Structural Genomics Consortium, University of


 Paul Moody, now at Oxford Nanopore

Emily Chittock, now at European Molecular Biology Laboratory Heidelberg

in Christoph Müller's group

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