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SBCB Seminar Series Chrissie Yoon, Shanlin Rao Molecular Dynamics Simulations of type A GABA receptors; Bacterial membrane lipoprotein modifications and transfer: A molecular dynamics tale of the (lipid) tails Thursday 11th February 15:30 Main Seminar Room, New Biochemistry Building
SBMB Seminar Series Antonio Biasutto, Erin Cutts SBMB Seminars Friday 12th February 11:00 Main Seminar Room, New Biochemistry Building
CBDG Hans Dias (Handford group) Talk title: Investigating the interaction between LTBP-1 and Fibrillin-1. Dhruv Jayanth (Ligoxygakis group) Talk title: Suppression of the IMD pathway in Drosophila leads to an extension of lifespan. Friday 12th February 12:00 Meeting Room TBA, New Biochemistry Building
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Departmental Event Melanie Miller, 'New England Biolabs Exhibition' Thursday 11th Feb, 09:30 Cafe / Reception / Foyer, New Biochemistry Building
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