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All University staff now get Office365 as standard through the Nexus365 system. The guide below may still be useful if you've been using the old "onthehub" version and need to continue your registration short-term (for example if you have documents stored in the "onthehub" cloud account)


As University staff, we can (at the time of writing) have access to a free Microsoft Office 365 subscription, which includes all the Office apps (desktop and mobile) along with a 1TB OneDrive cloud disk storage

Follow these steps

Go to http://ox.ac.onthehub.com and sign in with your SSO credentials via the link at the top right
Click “Enter the Fulfilment Centre"
Click “Office 365 ProPlus” which is free to university staff
Do “add to cart” and check out etc. You'll be asked some short survey questions at this point
The process will give you the option to create a Microsoft cloud account with a username in the form forename.surname@oxforduni.onmicrosoft.com
You'll get a temporary password which you'll be forced to change the first time you log in
This account will then allow you a login to MS cloud goodies like onenote, onedrive, office365 etc.
The one gotcha to be aware of is that the account expires after 365 days but on going through the purchasing process again promply after the expiry date, system is intelligent enough to pick up previous settings & stored files and carry on where it left off.

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