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History of the OUBS

The OUBS was founded on December 2nd, 1964, by a group of Oxford Biochemistry graduate students with the establishment of their first constitution, which laid down the ground rule that "the Society exists to invite speakers from outside Oxford." The founding officers of the society were Mr. Anthony .M. Roberton (Merton) as president, Mr Nick .J. Kuhn (Balliol) as treasurer, Mr Frank .S. Rolleston (Linacre House) as secretary and Dr M.W. Whitehouse as senior member. From 1980 onwards, financial support prompted OUBS to no longer charge members for subscription. Professor Anthony Watts is the society's current and longest serving senior member, having taken up the role in 1988.

Former speakers have hailed from a range of institutions including the Whitehead Institute in Massachusetts and the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht. Previous speakers have included Sir Hans KrebsSir James WatsonSir Martin Wood and recently, Dr. Brian Kobilka, who was awarded the 2012 Nobel prize in chemistry. The Society has also hosted lectures from the Biochemical Society, and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Past Committees

Year President Secretary Treasurer Phenotype Editor Senior Member
1964-1965 Mr Anthony M. Roberton (Merton) Mr Frank.S. Rolleston (Linacre) Mr Nick .J. Kuhn (Balliol)   Dr M.W. Whitehouse
1965-1966 ? Mr Adrian Allen (Christ Church) ?
1966-1967 Mr. Julian Wheldrake Mr Paul.C. Engel (Keble) Miss Carole Start Dr Charles Pasternak
1967-1968 ? Mr J.T. Brosnan (St John's) ?
1968-1969 John Knowland Mr M.R. Blundell (New College) ?
1969-1970 ? Miss M.E. Cross (LMH) ?
1970-1971 Mr Andrew Glenn Miss Hilary Kooper (LMH) Mr Chris Skidmore Dr Keith Dyke (Wadham)
1971-1972 Mr Peter Campbell Mr Keith Barnett-Dee (Merton) Mr Mike Silverberg
1972-1973 ? Mr J.A. Smith (St Catz) ?
1973-1974 ? Mr S.J. Ferguson (St John's) ?
1974-1975 S. Dower (Univ) Mr Anthony R Leech (Brasenose) G.R. Moore (Wadham)
1975-1976 Arabella Morris (LMH) Simon Wairn-Hebson (Merton) Miss Jenny Paul (Somerville)
1976-1977 R. Drake (LMH) R.G. McRwight (Queen's) Stephen Kearsey (St Catz)
1977-1978 Miss Arabella Morris (LMH) Marie Rose van Schravendyk (Linacre) Stephen Kearsey (St Catz)
1978-1979 P. Travers (St Catz) H.R. Fatania (Wolfson) Miss J. Hall (St Anne's)
1979-1980 Steven Lupton (Univ) Miss Ellen Wright (St Anne's) N Brewin (Univ) Dr Iain Campbell (St Johns)
1980-1981 Paul Webb (Pembroke) Miss Jane Hewitt (St Hugh's) Gareth Davies (Univ)
1981-1982 Mr Andrew Hillas (Univ) Miss Vicky Webb (St Hugh's) Shabir Najmudin (Hertford)
1982-1983 C. Buckley (Queen's) Miss Janet Pidcock (Univ) G.Tebb (Merton)
1983-1984 J.I. Pedley (Exeter) Vivek Malhotra (Wolfson) A Hocks (LMH)
1984-1985 J.I. Pedley (Exeter) Vivek Malhotra (Wolfson) A. Bugard (LMH)

Dr John Knowland (Pembroke)

1985-1986 M.R. Kaser (Linacre) Ian Crandall (Linacre) Ms Debbie Rees (Merton)
1986-1987 S. McManns (Univ) Alsion Kate East (St Hugh's) Angela Mullett (Exeter)
1987-1988 Grant Carr (St Edmund) Lucy A. Forrester (Wolfson) E.McKenzie (Corpus) Dr A.M.Seymour (Queen's)
1988-1989 Saira Malik (Trinity) Leon van Gorkon (St Hugh's) Andrew Duralski (St Hugh's)

Prof Anthony Watts (St Hugh's)


1989-1990 Kim Polgreen (Linacre) Amanda Tilney-Bassett (Wolfson) Dr David Fraser (Keble)
1990-1991 Samantha Bevan (Merton) Jonathan Boulter (St Anne's) Sian Renfrey (St Hugh's)
1991-1992 Sian Renfrey (St Hugh's) Jonathan Boulter (Wolfson) Jonathan Boulter (Wolfson)
1992-1993 Jonathan Boulter (Wolfson) Clare Whiteway (Jesus) Sia Applin (Queen's)
1993-1994 Jonathan Boulter (Wolfson) Sia Applin (Queen's) / Shani Dias (Exeter) Clare Whiteway (Jesus)
1994-1995 Neil Saunders (St Cross) Jonathan Boulter (Wolfson) Alrik Koppenhofer (St. John's)
1995-1996 Neil Saunders (St Cross) Alrik Koppenhofer (St John's) Phil Williamson (St Hugh's)
1996-1997 Mr A. Koppenhofer (St John's) Mr N. Reppas (Balliol) / Mr A. Carter (Queen's) Miss Zareen Ahmed (St Hugh's)
1997-1998 Mr Nikos Reppas (Balliol) Mr L. Neilson (Christchurch) /Mr R. Auty (Lincoln) Miss Zareen Ahmed (St Hugh's)
1998-1999 Ms Janet Hyde (St Peter's) Mr Andrew Carter (Queen's)/ Miss Atlanta Cook (Christ Church) Miss Zareen Ahmed (St Hugh's)
1999-2000 Atlanta Cook (Christ Church) James Wilding (Worcester) Mark Howarth (Lincoln)
2000-2001 Atlanta Cook (Christ Church) Karen Lipkow / Sven Sewitz (Wadham) James Wilding (Worcester)
2001-2002 James Wilding (Worcester) John Briggs (Hertford)  
2002-2003 Tom Massey (Magdalen) John Briggs (Hertford)/ Julie Welburn (Christ Church) Rick Hibbert (Hertford)/ Christoph Meier (Christ Church)
2003-2004 Julie Welburn (Christ Church) Rick Hibbert (Hertford) Christoph Meier (Christ Church)
2004-2005 Christoph Meier (Christ Church) Heike Roesner (Wolfson) Jean-Francois Trempe (Wolfson)
2005-2006 David Lancaster (Linacre) Sonja Lorenz (St John's) Lubica Aslimovska (Christ Church)
2006-2007 Sonja Lorenz (St John's) Rodrigo Reyes (Balliol) Nick Anthis (Lincon)
2007-2008 Rodrigo Reyes (Balliol) Marina Kolesnichenko (Lincoln) Nick Anthis (Lincoln)
2008-2009 Marina Kolesnichenko (Lincoln) Maria Demidova (Christ Church) Muhan Wang (Lincoln) Sarah Iqbal (Wolfson)
2009-2010 Maria Demidova (Christ Church) Anjana Badrinarayanan (Linacre) Muhan Wang (Lincoln) David Yadin (Lincoln)
2010-2011 David Yadin (Lincoln) Jerome Ma (Lincoln) David Marshall (Lincoln) Anna Boleininger/Dr Tamzin Gristwood
2011-2012 Jerome Ma (Lincoln)
David Marshall (Lincoln)
Chris Jones (St. Peter's) Pakavarin Louphrasitthiphol (St. Cross) Shaoyan Liang (Queen's)
Jennifer de Beyer (Merton)
2012-2013 Jemma Trick Chris Jones (St. Peter's) - Johanna Scheinost
2013-2014 Peter Holmes (Linacre) Frank Lennartz (Merton) Christopher Schoene (Lady Margaret Hall) Joel Beevers
2014-2015 Peter Holmes (Linacre) Gianluca Veggiani (Merton) Christopher Schoene (Lady Margaret Hall) Joel Beevers
2015-2016 Paul White
Radhika Patel
Rupal Mistry (St. Cross) Can Buldun  
2016-2017 Tianyi Zhang (University) Radhika Patel (Merton) Steven Lavington (Magdalen)  













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