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The Seminars list, also found on the departmental web site home page, is managed via the OXITEMS service provided by the OUCS. There is also a "What's On" list on the internal home page, for items of interest to members of the Department.

Members of the Department can enter seminars and "What's On" items themselves, once granted the necessary authorisation.

Both lists, along with the public "Events" list (contact Sarah-Jane if you want something added to this) are combined to form the "Today in Biochemistry" sheet near Reception. Note that you must have your event filled in and saved before 4pm the previous day in order to appear on this sheet.

Contact ithelp@bioch.ox.ac.uk for more details

Further Information
1  Obtain authorisation

Please contact IT Support (ithelp@bioch.ox.ac.uk or 13308), providing your Oxford Username (probably of the form bioc####), so that you can be added to the list of authors.

2  Log into the 'Add Event Item' page

To add a new entry, first go to

https://rss.oucs.ox.ac.uk/bioch/seminars/addeventitem for a new seminar or

https://rss.oucs.ox.ac.uk/bioch/whatson/addeventitem for a new What's On item.

Unless you've already logged into Webauth today, you will be prompted to provide your Oxford Username and password.

Click through the screen that confirms you're about to visit the rss.oucs.ox.ac.uk server.

3  Fill in the details of your event

Fill in the details of your event, following the guidance notes on the right of the form and the additional info given below.

  • The time is given in 24 hour format - take care when entering afternoon events.
  • Please use the menu of room locations, if possible, as this describes each room fully. Contact OUCS as described if your chosen room is missing (you can always fill it in manually until it appears on the list).
  • Do not put quotes round the title, as the system adds them anyway. The warning not to use the '&' character means it - it breaks the entire list!
  • There is no separate field for the title (Dr, Prof, etc) of each speaker. The best bet is to precede the first name with the title, and add any letters to the end of the surname.
  • Use "Any other details about the speakers" to fill in University affiliation, etc.
  • Leave the "Link for the event item" field unchanged unless you have a web page or PDF providing more information, in which case paste the link here. It will appear as a "Further Information" link.
  • If you fill in "Title of the series of events" it will appear in red above the entry on the paper printouts that are displayed near Reception.
  • Note that the "Special categories" section includes a range of specific seminar series. This will allow you to tag your seminars as "OUBS", etc. Just highlight the appropriate item. It is possible to produce seminar lists that display just one category. Contact IT Support for more information.
  • There is no point filling in Simple Categories as they will have no effect.

4  Submit your entry

Finally, hit the Preview button and if everything looks all right, submit the entry.

Submitting your entry will send an email to IT Support, who will contact you if there are any problems.

It will also cause your new entry to show up immediately on the Seminars List, or the What's On list.

If your seminar takes place before the last item already on the list on the home page, it will also appear there, but only after a 5 minute refresh delay.

What's On items will appear on the internal home page throughout the week during which they are scheduled.

5  Editing existing entries

  • Visit the following link

  • Select "bioch/seminars" or "bioch/whatson"from the list as appropriate
  • Choose your event. Events are listed in order of last edit, and give the name of the last editor, the date of the event and its title.
  • Be sure to click "edit the selected item", not one of the two remove buttons
  • Make the required changes, preview and submit. Up to you whether or not you choose the send email option.

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